Friday, July 12, 2013

Crested Butte Wildflower Festival

We just returned from a week in Crested Butte where the wildflowers are spectacular.  There are lots of places with whole hillsides covered in lupine or various sunflowers.  The Wildflower Festival ( ends today, but is worth planning a trip for next year.  They offer lots of different wildflower hikes and classes specializing in everything from medicinal and edible plants to photography, sketching, and batik.  If you'd still like to get away this summer, they offer lots of information for self-guided hikes.  
The 403 trail above Crested Butte

Beyond the wildflowers, CB is a colorful town with lots to do.  There's plenty of mountain biking and fishing, and art, music and food festivals.  But now we're back in Lakewood and I hope Green Mountain dries out so I can see what's been happening over the last two weeks!
Clustered Penstemon in Crested Butte

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