Sunday, April 6, 2014

A New Year!

It's been a long winter and we're all  ready for Spring.  Hopefully we've seen the last of the white stuff, but there have been enough steady snows that Green Mountain should have a good base of moisture to bring us a great wildflower season.  
The tiny Yellow Alyssum (Alyssum simplex)
The four petals tell you it's part of the Mustard Family.

This is a fun time of year for me because things change so fast on Green Mountain.  Last week there were a few Yellow Alyssum and Storksbill, but they're all over now along with some other more noticeable flowers.  Especially along the lower parts of the trails on the south side, some Golden Banner and a couple Early Purple Vetches are adding color to the trails.  If you look under the sagebrush you can find a few Yellow Violets, too.  I even saw a few lupine leaves coming up. They won't bloom for another 6 weeks or so, but I like seeing the signs!

Enjoy the great weather over the next week and try to avoid the mud!

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