Friday, April 12, 2013

A few early bloomers

Slowly but surely the mountain is waking up, but with another snow, nothing's in a hurry.  On the north side of the mountain I saw several biscuit roots (Lomatium orientale) blooming.  Other than that only the violets near the Utah trailhead.  Now two plants are blooming.  Looks like cold weather again with some more moisture.  It'll just make June all the better!

Biscuit root is in the Apiaceae--Celery Family-- which you can tell if you look at the leaves.  In this picture the leaves are still unfolding. The flowers are grouped together in an umbel (like umbrella).  If you could zoom in enough you'd see that the individual flowers aren't open yet.  

If you're out this weekend, it's supposed to be warm, so you may some more flowers opening up.

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